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Caple is a family owned business and founded in the year 1974. Today the 4th generation is professionally running the operations from multiple demo centres in Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune and a retail outlet in Mumbai. We soon plan to have a Centre of Excellence at Pelhar, Vasai. This will be one of its kind in India spread over 13000 sq feet showcasing the best technologies and a philosophy of sales through education. 

Caple serves with integration of consultancy, supplies and service. The key in the machine tool business is to be near to the customer not just for demos, education and sales but for spare and service. Our trained team identifies and understands the needs & challenges of of the customer, diagnoses the root cause of the challenges, obvious or hidden, consults the customer with the possible solutions and delivers the best solution in a given resource.

Our product and service range includes softwares, power tools, classical machines, automatic machines and industrial machines. We have product mangers who are specialists in their respective domain to support the sales team and the customers at each level. 

We believe to offer a fair price and not get involved in negotiations. This saves time on both the ends, reinforces trust and helps us scale our business. 

CEO Talk

Talk on Make in India and Skill India by Satyan Thukral

Make in India and Skill India

What should be the strategy of Skill India? 

India's strategy should be value-based skilling and value-based selling. India can and should integrate handicrafts which is a high skill and high value to the international market. China is not interested in this business model and the west cannot afford this business model. India with its value addition and mass customization can sell at a higher price than China. 

China has the strength of volume and is considered the factory of the world whereas the west has the strength of  RD, design and is considered the innovator of the world but India has one strength that is unique and we can be the workshop to the world. 

What do you think about ZED?

  • Zero Effect is the Health & safety of workers and the environment. Optimize resources like time, space, labour, energy, and raw material. A waste of a resource is a national waste. ZED is to be read and practised in the same sequence. Without Zero Effect attempting Zero Defect is not sustainable.

  • Zero Defect is achieving the best quality in a given resource. To achieve the best quality, you need the best machine tools, the best raw materials, process knowledge and an attitude.  
        ZED is the mantra leading to efficiency, effectiveness, excellence, scalability, nation building and sustainability.
Why and how can the Industry participate and contribute to the Skill India initiative?

Labour in India is cheap but not skilled labour. The industry pays higher when they poach but there is no value addition. The high cost of skilled labour means a higher price on the product or service. Countries like China take this opportunity to sell cheaper than us.

The Government is right as they want to cover maximum numbers whereas the industry wants quality. If we want to achieve both then the industry must come forward, participate, contribute to the future of the industry and country.

The industry can optimize by adopting ITIs, IITs, NITs, NIDs, VTPs etc with CSR, Machine Tools, Consumables, Process Training, Promoting RPL and apprenticeship. For soft skills, we can have a batch size of 30 but for high quality in hard skills, we need smaller batch sizes. Smaller batch sizes might not be profit-making for the VTPs but will ensure a better quality of freshers getting inducted.  

What is Caple's contribution to the Skill India initiative and Make in India initiative?

Caple has been proactive as a partner for IndiaSkills competition, Worldskills India Competition in collaboration with Our business model is Sales through Education. We hold our core purpose and core values above business. 

About Service

The machine tool industry thrives on sales of spare parts. This format is not only painful for the customers to buy expensive spares but also adds to the carbon footprint. 

We at Caple offer our customers to choose between smaller downtime or having the right to repair. We do not offer any incentives to our service team on the sales of spare parts but rather offer incentives on customer satisfaction, getting testimonials and building their own goodwill. We are proud to have empathy towards our customers and environment. Management’s mandate is clear to the team to treat service as an investment and not as an expense.

Any unsatisfactory product, service, concerns and/or suggestions can be escalated to
The machine tool industry thrives on the sales of spare parts. This format is painful for customers to buy expensive spares. 

We empower customers to choose between the right to replace, repair, or source generic spare parts locally or import from the OEM. The customer's decision depends on the cost of downtime, urgency, investment or the risk involved. Our expert service team can recommend the customers in this decision-making. 

​At Caple, ​we do not offer any incentives to our service team for spare parts sales. Instead, we offer incentives for customer satisfaction, getting testimonials and building their goodwill. We have empathy towards our customers and​ ​the environment. Management​ has been mentored​ ​and mandated to treat customer ​service as an investment, not an expense. Any ​unresolved cases, ​​concerns and suggestions can be escalated to

 Right To RepairRight To Replace
From the
 From the Component
 Pros Cheaper Lower downtime, if
 Cheaper, if ready
 Cons Higher downtime,
Problem might reoccur
Higher downtime,        if not ready
Higher downtime,    if not ready

Industrial H Commerce

What is different in Industrial H Commerce? 

Machine tools is a serious business. 90% is B2B and 10% is B2C. But in both cases it requires consultancy, supplies and service. Thus, is not a marketplace model but an inventory based model. In the marketplace there is no ownership whereas in inventory based we are responsible and available.
We built a hybrid model of field visit, demo centres and online. The customers can invite our team, visit our demo centres, discuss, see demos, get consultancy, touch and feel the machines and at the same time compare the prices online. 

What is the pricing strategy? The value on the H Commerce website involves much more than just supplies of the product. For any support and/or query we are just a phone call away. Good service is an attitude and the philosophy flows from top to bottom management.
The value on the H commerce website involves much more than just supplies of the product. For any support and/or query we are just a phone call away. Good service is an attitude and the philosophy flows from top to bottom management.
Our core values include fair price and transparency. We cannot be transparent if we are not fair. Our core value is a high performance team. 
We cannot be high performing and scale up the business if we indulge in long negotiations. 

How is different from other H Commerce?     

Sales is the easiest part. We have 45 years of experience. In 45 years we know what not to sell. We know what will work and what should be avoided given a case. Other H Commerce businesses do not offer consultancy and packages. We firmly believe in selling in a system. At the customer can choose his budget and see the entire project cost and at the same time give flexibility to build his own package. 

How do you see the future in digital? 

We believe Covid has pushed the digital world on a fast track. Hybrid business models are the future of all industries. If we are not agile some young tech kids are now thinking to disrupt the old schools and brick and mortar businesses.

Supplier Testimonials

Mr Luigi De Vito Director SCM Group Wood Division on India at Indiawood Exhibition, with 

Mr Filippo Balestrini Area Manager for Chair Making and Solid Wood Furniture Machines by SCM Group Italy in India

Mr Alberto Coral on Dust Collection Systems, Clean Rooms, Dust Extractors, Pollution Control Systems.

Mr Gianni Ghizzoni Sales Manager for Automatic Cross Cut Machines and optimising saws for solid wood furniture.

Mr Lorenzo Trolese Area Manager SCM Group Stefani Industrial Edge Banders at Indiawood Exhibition.

Mr Fabrizio Montanelli from Vitap, Italy for Multi boring Machines and Automatic Edge Banding Machines at Woodworking Exhibition in India.

Mr Giovanni Debbia Area Manager, Superfici, SCM Group on Italian automatic spraying machines and surface finishing machines. 

Mr Maurizio Nosotti on Orma Hot Press from Italy.

Mr Fausto Piscaglia from SCM Group Engineering on Consultancy, Factory Layouts for Industrial machines and lines.

Mr John Liao, Sales Manager, Comatic Auto Feeders and Portable Edge Banders in India at Indiawood Exhibition.

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Dream Project - Cover Story

Career at Caple

Come and join Caple. We wish to pitch and win for the Great Place To Work award.

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