Terms & Conditions

1. Goods once booked, or invoiced, or sold, or delivered, will not be cancelled, or taken back, or exchanged, under any circumstances. The advance given, will be forfeited, to cover the losses incurred due to such cancellation.

2.  Customers are advised to check and recheck and receive the goods in good order & working condition only.

3.  Our responsibility ceases after delivery of goods, from our premises and we are not responsible for any breakages or shortages or genuineness of goods, thereafter, or in loading, transportation or unloading. We are not responsible for any Accident / Damage, which takes place during the delivery within, or outside our premises, or during transportation or during unloading. Customers are requested to take adequte transit insurance at their cost.

4.  Any / All Taxes / Levies will be extra. Loading, testing, fitting, wiring, installation, commissioning, travel, lodging, boarding and any other service on the product thereon, will be charged extra over and above the MRP / Invoiced Price.

5.   If payment is not received within 7 days, interest @ 21% p.a. will be charged on Invoice amount.

6.  Loading, Transportation, Transit Insurance, Unloading, Installation Charges including travel, lodging / boarding, Wiring, Commissioning, Lubrication, Fuel, Switchgears arrangement & charges for the same have to be borne by the customer.

7.   Warranty / Guarantee :

(a)   There shall be no Guarantee / Warranty unless & until mentioned in writing. For Warranty / Guarantee / Service customer has to produce the Invoice or cash memo, along with the filled stamped Guarantee / Warranty Card.

(b)  We do not give Guarantee / Warranty for any Product. Warranty / Guarantee, if given / is given by the manufacturer, only & is against manufacturing defect only, for the goods sold & not for the application, or its success and is limited to the value of the product. Warranty / Guarantee is given by the respective Manufacturer. The time taken for the service depends on the availability of the spares and / or lead time which is decided by the Manufacturer or Service person / Centre and we not responsible, under any circumstances, whatsoever, for any delay / loss incurred due to such delay. The service / replacement within warranty, is limited to only one visit & thereby it is chargeable.

(C) For or after Warranty / Guarantee / Installation / Commissioning / Service in any / all items the Customer has to contact, the service centre of the company directly and any / all expenses shall be borne by customer, including repairing / transportation charges.

(d) If the Material / Machine or any part thereof is opened by any unauthorized person, or any modification is made, or any wrong or duplicate part, or accessory, is used, or if the material is used for any wrong application, or if the fitting / direction of use is wrong, or if it is overloaded or any foreign material / particle / debris / water / dust enters the material / machine / motor or any part thereof, or if lubrication is not done properly, or on time, or if the machine is used carelessly, run dry or if wiring connection / voltage is wrong, or proper starter / safety / stabilizer / dryer / dust collector, is not provided / cleaned on time for the same, during the Guarantee / Warranty period, Guarantee / Warranty will be null & void, thereby any and all the Service / Spares will be on chargeable basis.

(f) There is no Guarantee / Warranty for capacitors, chucks, bearings, breakages, seals, flexible shafts, bits, blades, accessories, heaters, washers, switches, electrical and electronic parts, single phasing, reverse forward use, any imported items / Armature / Coils & alternate burning of coils, performance of water suction of pumps in municipal pipelines and / or any consumables / all wear & tear parts.

(g) Warranty / Guarantee can be revoked and terms & conditions can be changed, at any time by us, as we may deem fit, without any prior notice to the customer.

8. Servicing :

(a) Servicing of any machine would attract 100% Visiting / Service / Labour / Estimate Charges + The applicable service tax, thereon, in advance.

(b) Machines given for Servicing / repairs have to be collected within 7 days of completion or it will attract demurrage charges @ 2% of the value of the machine or Rs. 500/- + service tax per day, whichever is higher.

(c) We are not responsible for any machine not collected within 3 months, from the date of the delivery & the machine would be disposed off, at the cost / risk of the customer.

(d) We may charge 20% more than the estimate given, without prior approval of the customer, if required.

(e) There is no guarantee / warranty for any repairing jobs.

9. Any Sale / Transaction or just the acceptance of the Invoice / Cash Memo implies that the buyer / customer has fully read and / or understood & accepted all the terms & conditions mentioned herewith and will abide by them & the purchase done by the purchaser is subject to his agreeing of all the terms & conditions mentioned herewith.

10. All Contracts & Claims are Subject to Mumbai Jurisdiction.

I have read and / or fully understood the terms and condition mentioned herewith / PTO and agree to the same, in totality.


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