Cordless lithium-ion Drills C12 | C15

Stronger Than Ever


Cordless lithium-ion Drills C12 | C15

The unique C-form of the cordless drills by the German power tool manufacturer Festool is well established in the market and has been the recipient of many design awards. Now it is fully fledged with a redesigned drive concept

The resulting cordless drills are even lighter, and more durable and powerful owing to the combination of EC-TEC motor technology with lithium-ion battery packs. Festool offers two variants: the C 12 with 10.8 V lithium-ion battery packs is a particularly light, convenient to use and compact cordless drill. The C 15 with its 14.4 V lithium-ion battery provides more power and endurance.

State-of-the-art EC-TEC motor technology


The EC-TEC motor technology developed and manufactured by Festool is synonymous with zero maintenance, extreme ruggedness and long service life owing to its brushless, electrically-commutated motor. With this motor principle less power is lost and consequently the new EC-TEC motor has an even greater power reserve and higher endurance. In conjunction with the ingenious electronic motor management, this power unit delivers a controlled output at all times and maximises service life and high efficiency. Interaction with the Festool lithium-ion battery pack optimises the utilisation of energy. The “Memory Switch” saves the torque setting and is therefore a significant time-saving feature. Straightforward changeover from screwing to drilling releases the maximum power of the motor and, thanks to the “Memory Switch”, the torque setting previously used does not have to be reset.

Convincing ergonomics, low weight


The light and compact design of the two new cordless drills also allows drilling and screwing in locations that would otherwise be difficult to access: the slim softgrip handle and perfectly balanced centre of gravity make work easier in any position. Every detail of the new C series has been carefully considered. The switches, for example, facilitate effortless right-handed and left-handed operation of the drill. Even a slight pressure on the switch causes the integrated LED to light up, ensuring a high degree of precision – even in poorly lit locations. The cordless drill can be conveniently attached to a belt with an adjustable stainless steel clip.

C 12 | C 15 as a system


The FastFix interface guarantees endless versatility. The chuck can be removed at lightning speed in order to mount various attachments: the tried-and-tested CENTROTEC tool chuck, the elbow and eccentric adapter, the depth stop for dry-lining work and the standard chuck. The comprehensive range of CENTROTEC system accessories also offers an extremely wide range of drilling, screwing, counterboring and many more applications for the C series.

Perfect design


The new C 12 | C 15 both received an iF Design award 2010. Festool manufactures its new cordless drills in Germany and is the only manufacturer of power tools to offer a three-year guarantee on the machine, battery pack and charger of its battery-operated units.