Plunge-Cut Saw TS55


The new plunge-cut saw TS 55  from Festool

Over 30 years ago Festool revolutionised the market for circular saws with its plunge-cut saws. Festool is now once again raising the bar decisively with the new TS 55 R. Even more precise, more adaptable and easier to use – the new TS 55 R plunge-cut saw has even better handling characteristics and thanks to the superb detailed finish offers more application possibilities than ever before.

Festool set over 80 years ago a milestone in the trade industry with its first portable circular saw. And it was also the Festo brand which marketed the first guide rail in conjunction with the portable circular saw in 1962 and as a result of continuous further development consistently confirmed its claim as a performance leader in subsequent years. It is not without good reason that the Festool plunge-cut saw is therefore considered today as an epitome for professional circular saws and for a long time has been impressing and capturing the hearts of numerous tradesmen, as well as carpenters.


Remaining loyal to the principle of precision

The inner suction supports lend the saw its flat and continuous planar housing. Virtually boasting no bulges on its surface, it makes possible proximate sawing up to a minimum wall distance of 12 millimetres. It is thus designed for precise sawing of joints on floors and ceilings, as well as for trimming doors. Shadow gaps and expansion joints can also be created quickly using this tool. The tried-and-tested spacer wedge typical of Festool circular saws has also been completely redesigned. To date, it primarily represented a high standard of safety, but as a spring-loaded guide wedge it now helps deliver even more precise results. Because in comparison to the previous spacer wedge, its new design allows it to protrude from the housing before the saw blade; it can be positioned for example by moving the guide rail into the existing flat joint and thus guarantees perfect and straight continuation of the cutting edge.


Undercuts thanks to enlarged angle setting

The angles between 0° and 45°, which are required most frequently, can be selected conveniently and directly with the tab locations. The fact that there are hardly any precise angles on building sites is not only an open secret to professional tradesmen. This matter was taken into consideration with the new TS 55 R. Because with the new enlarged angle setting between -1° and 47° undercuts and exact corner solutions can now be created easily.


Pure power – without being obstructive

Festool focuses on high power with its new TS 55 R. For the tradesman this means that he achieves an infeed rate of 5 metres/minute when sawing – and without being obstructive! This is thanks to the plunge-cut saw’s powerful motor, the special gear reduction ratio, as well as the MMC electronics. The usual Festool features such as smooth start-up, temperature and overload protection, as well as triple engine mounting, ensure long life and quick braking for safety.


Practical right down to the finest detail

Sometimes extremely precise plunge cuts are in demand, for example when cutting worktops for kitchens. Festool has also created a practical aid for this application because a transparent viewing panel allows an optimal view of the saw blade and the marking on the workpiece. The result: The cut ends precisely at the point where it should end. For day-to-day work the double cutting depth scale with fine adjustment ensures precise results. Cutting depths with or also without a guide rail can be read and set or adjusted quickly and easily. Together with the guide rail the special splinterguard guarantees clean and splinter-free cuts on both sides and thus less reworking. Guidance jaws that can be adjusted without using any tools allow the plunge-cut saws to slide on the guide rails without any play.


Summary: Festool has redefined its classic with the TS 55 R and created even more application possibilities. The TS 55 R can be converted to a stationary bench saw with the Compact Module System CMS.