The Perfect Edge System by Festool

CONTURO – the first mobile edge bander with unique cartridge gluing system


Festool is launching the new CONTURO system onto the market – a hand-guided electric power tool for edge banding and a complete system solution to create the perfect edge with virtually invisible joins. The CONTURO is easy to operate and produces excellent results – both on rectangular components and complex free shapes. Perfect for manufacturing small batches as well as individual solutions that require the quick attachment of high-quality edging, even on curved, convex or concave shapes.

Requirements for the perfect edge are becoming ever more demanding because in addition to functionality, greater importance is being attached to appearance and feel. Visible glued joins and dirt that settles along the edge or noticeable protruding edges are definitely to be avoided. The working result can only be considered high in quality if the edges are machined perfectly. At present, straight edges are predominantly affixed using a bench-mounted edge bander that glues, trims, cuts and polishes to a perfect quality standard. A machining centre that incorporates a gluing station is required to affix edging to shaped parts and can be very costly as well as financially unviable for smaller enterprises. Mobile gluing has always been a messy, slow and awkward process that usually fails to deliver the desired edge quality.

Guided by hand and simply perfect


With the new CONTURO system, Festool has reached a new level of edge trimming perfection that was previously unattainable with hand-guided machines. “The perfect edge”: the attachment of edging to simple rectangular components or complex free shapes such as curves, radii, convex and concave shapes. Includes internal curves of up to 50 millimetres and outer curves of 30 millimetres and above. Edging with a height of 18 to 65 millimetres and a thickness of 0.5 to 3.0 millimetres (depending on the material) is quick and easy to process. Likewise, it is possible to attach edging to mitred edges from 0-45° to an outstanding quality in combination with the bench unit. Versatile and easy to operate, the CONTURO represents a genuine system solution for manufacturing individual shaped parts as well as attaching edges to workpieces or items of furniture produced in small batches. Packed in a SYSTAINER, the CONTURO is also suitable for mobile use and small handicraft companies as well as manufacturing edging in situ to a perfect quality finish.

A glue application system that has never been seen before


Festool has equipped the CONTURO with a unique glue application system that can glue edging made from different materials such as wood, plastic or melamine onto workpieces. The glue is applied accurately to the edge band through a nozzle and guarantees a tight join. The glue dosage is adapted automatically to the preset edging height. The display provides all the necessary information: temperature, glue level and the residual edging length – a specification that indicates how many metres of edging can still be glued at the preset edging width. In this way, the glue can be applied efficiently, easily and cleanly in exact doses. The heating grid only melts the exact amount of glue that is actually required. Consequently, the glue is not heated unnecessarily and the adhesive properties and colour of the glue are therefore retained. In practice, the CONTURO produces consistently perfect results without requiring unwanted rework. The unique glue application system uses cartridges that make changing the glue colour both practical and easy.

The complete solution for the perfect edge


Festool offers a complete system for producing the “perfect edge”: the new CONTURO KA 65 with system accessories together with the new Basic MFK 700 edge router, new stationary unit for small workpieces and mitre cuts and the VAC-SYS vacuum clamping system for reliable work without leaving scratches. Festool also offers matching accessories such as EVA adhesive, a trimming machine, edging holder, patented scraper, additional roller and much more. More information on the complete CONTURO system as well as a selection of product and application films and user manual are available at The CONTURO system is available at specialist retailers from February 2014.

Multi-functional Trimmer MFK 700


Flush routing of edge veneers, routing edges, rounding, profiling and grooving or rebating with side stop – the new module edge router MFK 700 from Festool is the all-purpose genius for corners and edges. Quickly alterable router bases permit extremely diverse applications. Craftspeople are thus ideally equipped for continuously changing routing requirements and materials. 

Safe work with exact results


The new MFK 700 is a small, handy edge router with extra-long router base support and auxiliary handle. The support length of 130 mm allows the MFK 700 to be guided perfectly and safely without tilting – even when routing round corners. Complex reworking of damaged or cut-off corners are thus a thing of the past. The desired routing depth is fixed quickly using the precise fine adjustment. An extraction system integrated in the router base guarantees a clean working area. These details help the user achieve exact routing results in an instant and, at the same time, make considerable savings on time required for reworking. The electronic speed adjustment switch makes exact tool speed possible and ideal adaptation to the material. Irrespective of whether you are working on solid wood, acrylic or PVC veneers or even laminated materials. An overload protection also guarantees a long service life for the MFK 700.

With alterable router base system ideal for changing requirements


The modular design permits a very wide range of applications with the new MFK 700. The cost-effective, multi-talented tool can be altered at the interface in a few easy steps without the use of tools. Festool also offers an additional 1.5° alterable router base in the Set Variant, or as an accessory. This special inclination permits the router to be tilted 1.5° downwards. When flush trimming protruding edge veneers, this prevents damage to the surface. Statically charged acrylic or PVC routing chips are effectively drawn off by the integrated extraction system and do not stick to the machine or start-up system. The start-up system is independent of the router and does not leave scorch marks on the edge. For special applications in which workpieces are veneered or coated and the veneer is to be routed exactly at a right angle to the surface, a further router base with a 0° inclination is available as an accessory. The large number of advantages makes the MFK 700 a cost-effective solution for individual application areas.