Modular edge router OFK 700

Modular edge router OFK 700


Multi-talented tool for edges and curves

The OFK 700 EQ is the most multi-talented of all edge routers. This tool makes easy work of flush trimming protruding edges and surfaces, routing radii and chamfering – regardless of whether the workpieces are small or large, the edges curved or straight.

The new OFK 700 EQ impresses with its easy handling, individual adjustment options and excellent product quality that ensure the best work results. For this reason, it should be an integral part of every joiner’s and interior decorator’s tool collection.

Flexibility thanks to quick adjustment


The particular advantage of the OFK 700 EQ is the adjustable router base for horizontal and vertical applications. This ensures a stable support surface and safe guidance of the machine in every work position. To adjust the router base, simply unscrew the locking screws and turn the base by 90o.

Outstanding results


The router base is inclined against the routing axis by 1.5o, i.e. there is a resulting angle of 91.5o. This angle setting protects the surface of the workpiece against damage when flush trimming.

The OFK 700 EQ achieves a clean routed surface thanks to the levelling contact springs that can be used for inner radii of up to 150 mm diameter. The contact spring levels out unevenness on rough edges, e.g. on chipboard, and prevents them being transferred onto the work piece. A contact roller is also included in delivery for smaller inner radii up to 42 mm.

An exact routing depth setting for flush trimming protruding surfaces and edges is achieved using fine adjustment accurate to 1/10 mm. A gap in the underside of the support base enables you to work on protrusions up to 5 mm high. It is designed in such a way that protruding veneer on a board can be trimmed flush and rounded in one operation. This saves time and therefore increases economic efficiency.  Equipped with the corresponding disk-grooving cutter, the OFK 700 EQ can also route precise grooves for stud edges.

Safe and healthy work


Modern MMC power electronics keep the material-oriented adjustable speed constant for processing different edge materials. PVC and wooden chips are reliably extracted in any position when using the OFK 700 EQ. This is performed by the two extractor hoods for each work position. The well-proven ergonomic design of Festool machines ensures a secure, comfortable hold and easy-to-use switches.