The new CXS cordless drill from Festool


The German system provider Festool is expanding its range of cordless drills with the new CXS. The compact 10.8 volt drill impresses with its lightweight design weighing just 900 grams and is extremely powerful, has two gears and is well-balanced for optimal power transfer – also ideal for all areas that are hard to access.

Minimum dimensions with maximum performance


The first thing that springs to mind is its compact design. The pleasant effortlessness together with balanced weight distribution are immediately noticeable. And what’s even more surprising is the power that the new 10.8 volt CXS delivers when used for drilling and boring. It is thus obvious for what areas of application it is almost predestined: Drilling in hard-to-access places, overhead work, in short, everywhere where it is particularly narrow and therefore requires a high degree of efficiency. Incidentally the high-performance lithium-ion battery packs are also attractive. They represent real maximum value, also in terms of endurance, with up to 340 chipboard screws (4×40 millimetres) from just one battery charge. And last but not least the 12-phase torque adjustment allows the power to be transferred to the respective work either by fine metering or controlled metering.

Particularly smart and elaborate detail


The right bit is ready at hand in no time, light even where there is actually no light and can be operated regardless of whether you are right-handed or left-handed – these are the small details that give the new CXS the description of “elaborate detail”. And this includes not only the bit garage or the integrated LED lamp, but also the ergonomic and switch arrangement that can be operated on both sides, as well as the adjustable belt clip made from high-quality stainless steel.

Fast Fix interface as the perfect work preparation


Similar to Festool T and C series, the new CXS also has a FastFix interface for even more flexibility when drilling and boring. There is no complex retrofitting and the drill can be fitted directly with the bits. It serves as a quick-change system in combination with the standard chuck, the elbow adapter which is available as an accessory or the patented Centrotec tool chuck. In particular, the hexagon tool holder of the Centrotec system with its ball bearing guide offers not only speed that has never before been achieved when changing from bit to drill bit, but also a clear reduction in weight in comparison to traditional drill chucks at optimum power transfer and 10x greater rotary accuracy.