Woodworking Machines Available In India

The woodworking industry in India is massive with millions of workmen employed by factories and woodwork shops. However, with so many woodworking factories across the nation, it is definitely that those who are more accurate and efficient in output are the ones who will stand out from the rest.
When it comes to making a mark, it becomes necessary that the work efficiency has to be enhanced and the only way to do this is the introduction of more powerful tools.

In the field of woodworking, the use of machines becomes mandatory as the work has to complete in time. These type of machines are available in various forms, sizes and applications which can help you simplify your work. Let us take a closer look at some of those machines that are available to you in India.

The first category of these machines is the hand held power tools. These tools are mostly used by the hobbyists and small industry woodworkers. The handheld tools usually serve the more intricate purpose on the details of the wooden surface. These hand held machines are specifically designed to work on smaller wooden surfaces, which are typical of small scale workers and hobbyists.

The hand held tools include machines such as biscuit joiner, chain saw, nail gun, jig saw, rotary tool, router, electric drill and the hand held circular saw. Hand held sanders are one of the most popular ones which are available in three varieties namely belt sander, orbital sander and random orbit sander. On the other hand, the nail gun has simplified the process of fitting nails into surfaces and in this case, the wood.

Then there are stationary woodworking machines which are used by the medium scale and industrial scale woodworkers. These machines are mostly used to handle larger chunks of wood, even if they are logs of raw lumber. These machines are not only heavy duty in their usage, but surprisingly provide great accuracy and efficiency for wood cutting.

The stationary machines include various machines such as the bandsaw, drill press, bench grinder, wood lathe, spindle moulder, radial arm saw, table saw, thicknesser, jointer and many others. These machines serve a variety of purposes for complete wood workings on the large scale.

Given the scale and size of these machines, they are mostly employed for purposes like cutting timber logs, larger wooden panels and the lamina and for cutting non wooden materials like aluminium and plastics.
The third category is of the panel line woodworking machines which are surface based machines. The most peculiar characteristic of this category is the use of conveyor belts for carrying the wooden materials.

The double end tenoner is one such woodworking machine which employs the use of conveyor belts. This consists of mainly two types namely; the rolling chain system and the sliding chain system. Both these systems are based have varying speeds. The rolling chain has a speed of 40 to 120 meters per minute and the sliding chain has speed variation from 10 to 30 meters per minute.

The heavy duty panel edge processor is available in three categories. The first one, high speed edgebander with a conveyor speed of more than or equal to 100 meters per minute is the fastest. The heavy duty edgebander has speeds more than or equal to the 24 meters per minute and the low duty one is the slowest with conveyor speeds of lesser than 20 meters per minute.

The list of woodworking machines available in India is incomplete without mentioning the single line boring machines and multi line boring machines whose main purpose is to drill holes through wooden surfaces.