Altendorf WA 8

Altendorf WA8T with Dc pipi connection

Since Altendorf was established in 1906, the company has repeatedly set  new standards. Now you can experience this for yourself with the Altendorf  WA 8. It makes light work of everything from simple but precise squaring cuts through to complex angles, and is ergonomical and easy to use. With a level of  quality all its own, the WA 8 lives up to the promise of the international market  leader. And if you have a small workshop or a limited budget, you’ll find the  right alternative in the Altendorf WA 6 – also ideal as an entry-level machine!

Altendorf F 45


Build your own Altendorf

Altendorf, one of the leading panel saw manufacturers Worldwide, as a concept, offers customers the opportunity to select options and build machines to suit their application. Whether cutting wood-based panels, MDF, particle board, solid wood, HPL, plastics etc the end user has the flexibility to select options based on the application for which the machine is to be  used.

This concept has three advantages: it increases productivity with the right features for the best cut, it eliminates features not required for particular usage, and the end price could be more economical. Available primarily on the F45 series, some of the basic features that can be selected are: length of sliding table (3000mm to 5000mm); scoring unit (with or without, 2 or 3 axes); main motor power (4 kW to 11 kW); manual, digital or motorized ripfence; manual or motorized crosscut fence.

 Other options include eye-level operating panel, vacuum clamping, laser cutting line marker, cross-slide extension, etc. Limited options are available on entry-level machines in the WA8 and WA80 series. Sliding tables in 1,600mm to 3,000 mm are available on the WA6. Visitors to the Altendorf stand at LIGNA 2013 were able to view options first hand and finalize specifications for their Altendorf.