Caple Pricing Philosophy

We at Caple want to bring in a culture of One Price, Fair Price, Last Price.

This helps in lot many ways

1) It saves lot of valuable time, on both the ends.

2) Our team need not have negotiations skills.

3) It increases the confidence and trust, of the customer on us.

4) It is ethical, as we are fair with all our customers, big or small, old or new, customers who trust and do not haggle vs customers who expect a better price, always. It would be unfair to the customer who trusts and buys at higher price than the bargaining customer.

5) Fair price need not mean the lowest price in the market. Fair price means, fair not only to the customer, but also to our company, keeping in mind the product quality, configuration, infrastructure, honest taxation policy, originality, customer experience, training & service infrastructure. At this stage price becomes value for money and brings contentment.

6) We can be head strong on this culture only when, our quoted price is genuinely our last price. Regret would be to loose a deal, but if the price quoted is genuinely our last price, then there should be no regret.

We would be happy, if the same culture is spread to our customer’s company and further to the industry and finally in entire India.

Humbly we request you, to help us, spread the culture.

We look forward to your prestigious order.

Satyan Thukral