Pilot India group is a leader in spray guns in India. It is familiar to any painter.  Pilots’ success has been consistent and has gained momentum over the years since inception. Beginning with the manufacture of novelty and gift items, Pilot subsequently diversified into engineering products.The ensuing products like the Airless Spray Guns, Conventional Spray Guns, Welding equipments, Drill Chucks and a wide range of Shredders bear witness to our addiction to quality.Pilot with an extensive network of its distributors and dealers all throughout India with10 Regional Distributors, over 700 Authorized Dealers and 7000 Sub-dealers helps us respond to our customers needs. At the national level, these distributors and dealers are supported and serviced by a proficient team of sales & service personnel. Caple is Sub Dealer for Pilot Guns in Mumbai.Pilot India’s strength has been its team, which is its core asset. Pilot India has encompassed within its fold well over 500 employees. What binds our team is expertise. With Professional approach and competence, technical qualification and commitment to customers Pilot is the first choice in Branded Spray Guns.