Orma Hot Press 90T

Hot hydraulic press NPC DIGIT 6/90 (8’x4’) – 90T


8 Good Reasons To Choose Orma8 Good Reasons to choose
  1. Guides on platens for a perfect movement of the movable pressing platen.
  2. ABS control board with touchscreen control system which allows to set all machine functions
  3. Protection grids of the heating plant (press with boiler)
  4. Double rack system to guarantee a perfect platen movement:no. 2 groups lengthwise and no. 2 groups crosswise connected by a torsion bar.
  5. Hydraulic unit with double pump and motor in oil bath for longer life, less noise and better lubrication
  6. Cylinder fixing system to the press structure. The locking is made by means of bolts to allow a quick maintenance of the cylinder or its replacement.
  7. Safety switch in rope all around the machine in order to allow to everyone to stop the movement of the movable platen in case of problems.
  8. Movable platen lock system in order to work with full safety in case of maintenance of the lower part of the press. (CE rules)
  • Main features

Top& bottom fabricated steel platens


pressing cylinders


ram’s diameter


ram’s stroke


max total thrust




intermediate platens




clearance between platens approx.


upstroke design
side loading


  • Structure

Fe 430 steel beams welded together;

Locating surfaces are CNC tool machined

Double rack and pinion system (both length and crosswise) to grant a perfect platens’ parallelism when the mobile one is moving up/downward.

Between the press structure and the heating platen there is a sheet of insulating material.

The bottom platen is hooked to the press structure ; the upper platen is hooked to the platens supporting structure

Platens covered by a 10/10 Aluminium sheet

The platens are connected by hoses (types according to the used heating medium) to the manifold (even if the press is sold without heating plant).

  • Hydraulic system

Hydraulic power unit composed by a double stage pump and a motor which are submersed in the hydraulic oil for a less noisiness and a better  lubrication of the rotating parts.

60 l/min closing stage (high delivery at low pressure)

2,6 l/min thrusting stage (low delivery at high pressure)

3 Hp electric motor

Unit fitted with the following control and safety valves which are located in a group over the hydraulic oil tank lid:

–     relief valve for the closing stage. After the platen closing it cuts off the oil delivery; lower absorbed power and less hydraulic oil heating up;

–     relief valve for the thrusting stage. It avoids over pressures in the circuit;

–     keeping pressure valve;

–     valve to release the pressure smoothly;

–     solenoid valve to discharge the oil quickly;

–     filters both in the inlet and outlet to avoid foreign bodies from circulating in the circuit.

Thrusting cylinders are made of steel for mechanical application and according to Ormamacchine design.

Rams are thickness chromium plated; they slide over guiding bushings made of antifriction material and are constantly lubricated by the hydraulic oil.

All hydraulic components are engineered and tested at higher conditions than those of normal working for a safer and longer working life.

  • Electric system

The main control panel includes:

Touch screen keyboard for:

  • Setting out and display of the working pressure
  • Setting out and display of the working temperature (electric oil boiler only)
  • Setting out and display of the pressing timer
  • Digital setting out of the heating plant automatic switching on. Possibility of setting out all week days
  • Dual timed press closing push buttons; press opening push button.
  • Main on/off switch.
  • Tension lamp.

Heating system with Electrical Heater with OIL heating fluid with max 130°C

System complete with : circulating pump, open expansion tank, piping from the boiler to the press, air leaking valves, control board, control and safety instruments.