OMNIA green 25/13 Hot | Membrane press

 Structure and fittings

Fe 430 steel beams welded together;
Locating surfaces are CNC tool machined
Double rack and pinion system (both length and crosswise) to grant a perfect platen parallelism when the mobile one is moving up/downward.
Clamping system for a quick and easy retrofit of the membrane for the upper platen (lowwr platen on demand)
It is complete with natural rubber membranes (highly deformable and heat resistant ones)

Heating platens

Made of  – drilled solid steel
Heating fluid  – Thermal oil
Heating fluid max temperature  – 140 °C
Heating fluid max pressure  – 10 bar
Max allowable pressure before sagging  – 30 Kg/cm²

The platen comes from a 40 mm thick Fe 430 normalized steel plate.

– After a first rough shaping on all surfaces (top, bottom and all edges) it is crosswise and lengthwise drilled to create the circuit in which the heating medium will flow.
– Drilling performed by unit for deep drilling and rotating at high speed.
– High pressure refrigerating medium is used during drilling to avoid steel overheating and to throw out all the metal shavings.
– Dimensions and drilling pitch according to the temperature to be reached.
– Top and bottom surfaces are finally planed for a better roughness degree.

Between the press structure and the heating platen there is a sheet of insulating material.

The bottom platen is hooked to the press structure ; the upper platen is hooked to the platens supporting structure

Both top and bottom flanges with channelling to generate the vacuum and silicon seals (O ring type),

Hydraulic system

Double stage pump plunged in oil for a lower noise and constant lubrication of rotating parts.
Fast closing stage (high delivery at low pressure)
Pressing stage (low delivery at high pressure)
Motor with special oil resistant insulation.

The group is complete with the following valves located on top of the oil tank:

– pressure safety valve for the press closing pump, putting the pump to discharge, obtaining energy saving, lower power absorption and to avoid oil warming.
– pressure safety valve for the pressure pump (max pressure valve). Has the function to avoid hydraulic pressures higher than the allowed max limit, which may cause damages to the system
– non-return valve with hardened seating, to avoid wearing,
– pressure slow drain valve (pre-drain valve) to avoid water hammering into the hydraulic system, which could create damages to the components,
– electric valve to operate the oil charge and discharge
– oil filter at suction, to avoid dirt into the circuit which may cause damages to the valves and seals.

The thrusting hydraulic pistons are steel made for mechanical application

The seals are made by well known international companies and are interchangeable between them.

The shafts are thickness chromed to increase the hardness and to grant the durability and are sliding on guiding bushings made of antifriction materials and constantly lubricated by the same oil used for pressure.

Connections and piping are normally bought and unified according the European Standards, estimated like all the other hydraulic components with a wide safety margin.

Electric system

Free standing electric cabinet (reading desk type) complete with all electrical and electronic components;

control and settings through digital keyboard with graphic display for data visualization;

independent digital setting of every function of the press;

working cycle adaptable to every need;

proportional electronic control of the hydraulic pressure in connection with the air pressure in the pressurized chamber;

PLC controlled functioning; software by Ormamacchine.

The system software controls the following functions:

Start self-testing

Functioning self-testing

Error control

Short circuit control

Functioning anomalies graphic signalling on display

Plant’s check


Electric heater for thermal

Thermal capacity 21 kW.

Heating fluid max temperature 130° C.

Main features

Plant complete with double circulation pump, open sky expansion tank (only one for the two heaters), connecting piping from boiler to press, air breather valves present inside the circuit, electric switch board, safety and control instrumentation, oil filter.

Heater supplied with the necessary oil for the first plant filling.

Piping insulation: excluded

The boiler body is made out with quality steel suitable to the thermal use and is thermal insulated by rock wool and external metal cladding.