Vertical Panel Saw


The “VPS‐WOOD” Vertical Panel Saw with scoring offers many useful features as Standard in a compact space‐saving design:

  •  Able to process sheets both horizontally and vertically. Working in both X & Y Axis. Saw head w/motor rotates 90° for rip or crosscutting.
  •  *Panel cutting height is 2220mm (87.4”) without scoring & 2100mm (82.6”) with scoring
  •  Panel cutting length is 4100 mm. “Rip cut ‐ left/right” is 4100 mm (161.4″)
  •  Range (Thickness) of cut is 0‐42 mm. Cuts single or stacked panels up to 42 mm (1.6″) in thickness.
  •  4 HP (3kW), 3000 RPM, 3 Phase Industrial duty saw motor
  •  Scoring (Drawer) saw blade: (Ø125x24x20x3mm). 7800 RPM. True scoring by a separate Scoring blade: 125mm‐5″ dia. 24 conical teeth scoring blade. Prevents surface chipping when cutting laminated materials.
  • Main (cutting) saw blade (Ø250x80x30x3.2mm). 5800 RPM. 250mm‐10″ dia. 80 trapezoidal teeth main blade.
  • Spring loaded floating saw blade enclosure shoe glides over panel surface applying a holddown force while it enhances dust collection & safety by enclosing the saw blade
  • While cross‐ or rip cutting the material always rests firmly against the “slightly angled” back grid support.
  • Built‐in dust collection with collection bag mounted on the rear of the frame.
  • Auto‐pneumatic shifting material back support grid, shifting away from the saw blade cut line, prevents cutting into the grid support strips while rip cutting horizontally.
  • Standard metric preset “beam lock” stations for vertical cutting. Vertical cutting stations are spaced at 1m. increments to lock in the saw beam for vertical crosscuts.
  • Repeat rip gauge for duplicating multiple horizontal cuts.
  • Fold‐out shelf that runs the length of the frame for small parts cutting. Centrally located retractable material support shelves throughout the entire machine frame allow for ergonomic cutting of smaller parts, at any cutting station without the need for the operator to bend down.
  • Standard flip‐stops for dimension setting.
  • Precision steel bottom edge support metal wheel rollers to facilitate easy loading & positioning of the larger or heavy panels.
  • Panel size (WxHxD): 5000mm x 2980mm x 1150mm
  • Machine Net Weight: 665 KG.(1465 LB.)

Standard machine is equipped with all the accessories above.


  • Additional meters in frame length (upto 2m addition is possible, making overall working length: 6m)
  • Digital readouts for X & Y axis
  • 5.5 HP / 7.0 HP motors
  • Special Attachment and blade set for Cutting and V‐90 Deg. Grooving Aluminum Composite Panels (135 Deg.or U Types Available)
  • Spare Main (Cutting) and Scoring Saw Blades.

** Machine also requires air compressor of 5 Bars, flow capacity: 300‐350 lt./min.