Vacuum pump and clamping unit

VAC SYS Set SE1 The future of clamping

Workpieces can be turned up to 360° and swivelled up to 90°
Sensitive surfaces can be clamped without damaging them
Workpieces up to 30 kg per clamping unit are clamped firmly and safely
Can be extended by clamping unit 2 for large workpieces
Fast changing of workpiece clamping
4 different vacuum plate sizes, can be changed without tools
Simple ventilation of the vacuum plate using the foot valve
Clamping unit 1 clamps workpieces with sizes up to 1×1 m

Main applications

Clamping without limits or leaving traces
For working ergonomically on your workpieces
For use in milling, sanding, planing, sawing, smoothing, filling and painting
For use in the workshop or during installation

VAC SYS Set SE1 Technical Data

Power consumption at 50 Hz 160-200 W
Power consumption at 60 Hz 200-230 W
Pump capacity at 50 Hz 2,7 m³/h
Pump capacity at 60 Hz 3,5 m³/h
Minimum vacuum ≥ 81%/ ≥ 810 mbar
Weight 8 kg