Chain Mortiser

Chain mortiser Professional mortising and slotting carpentry machine

Accurate guidance via the precision adjustable parallel fence, with large supporting interface surface
Sustainable performance from the heavy-duty motor
Versatility of application assured with wide variety of optional mortising and slotting accessories
Easy operation due to the ergonomic design and comfortable weight
Versatility in application using the optional and practical guide frames

Main applications

Chisel mortices and slot cutting
With the corresponding fittings for breaking depths of up to 150 mm
With guide system GMP 400 A for horizontal cutting of slots up to 450 mm
Slots for holding beams for concealed beam connections
Depending on fittings, accurate slots with a width of 6-21 mm in only one groove/recess

CM 150/28x40x100 A Technical Data

Chain fittings 28 x 40 x 100 mm
Rated input 2000 W
Mortising depth 100/150 mm
Lateral fence adjustment 0-150 mm
Drive sprocket speed 4250 min-1
weight 8,5 kg