Ferro Tiger Mobile Elevating

Mobile Elevating

“TIGER” HYDRAULIC ELEVATING MOBILE WORK PLATFORM can contribute greatly to improve in workers safety, reduction in labour cost, eliminate the need of expensive and time consuming scaffolds and ladders. It is being used for overhead electrical maintenance, Welding, painting, Steam and oil pipeline repairs and air condition ducting in all types of industries.This equipment istailor made to suit customer requirements. Available both mobile and stationery, helps operator to lift or transfer loads from floor to floor, loading to vehicles or unloading and also for doing maintenance work conveniently at any working height. The equipment can be moved up or down and stopped at any intermediary position. Hydraulic cylinders are fitted with excess flow check valve to allow safe descent in the event of hydraulic failure. Platform is covered with anti-slip plywood for the safety of the operator. Standard models are also available and the customer has the option for either manual, Power operated or battery operated. Available in different capacities and for different heights, catering to the specific application the industry needs, these equipment’s will be ideal in improving efficiency and also takes care of safety of men and material.