Ferro Tiger Loading Dock Levelers

Loading Dock Levelers

FERRO TIGER Elevating Dock provides a simple and efficient solution for loading and unloading cargo. With a push of a button the difference between ground level and the truck is over come enabling smooth movement of cargo. Ramps which cause the cargo to slide of a pallet truck or fork lift are eliminated. Thus breakage during loading & unloading process is completely eliminated. Fixed ramps take up large productive space &more money. It is economical and time saving to build warehouse and production facilities at ground level and use the Elevating Dock for loading & unloading thus saving space, cost & time. The elevating dock can be traversed by traffic in any direction and can thus be installed in the most convenient location, in doorways & storage areas. Elevating Dock quickly pays itself within a year of investment with the savings achieved by its economic operation and eliminating labour cost. More and more companies use the Elevating