Altendorf Panel Saw F45

The F 45 is a gem of modern industrial design. Its sleek external profile reflects real inner quality and a new dimension in user friendliness: the intelligent, absolutely precise electronic controls, which are now an integral part of every Altendorf. On top of that, the F 45 has a large colour LCD screen on which all settings are displayed. Coming complete with motorised rise/fall and tilt adjustment of the saw blade, clear on-screen operator guidance and a USB interface for fast data transfer, even the basic specification of the F 45 sets the standard.

Altendorf Panel Saw F45

  • Motorised rise/fall and tilt control for main saw blade
  • F 45 screen controls
  • Sliding table 3000 mm
  • Rip fence, manual setting with fine adjustment,cutting width 1000 mm
  • Crosscut-mitre fence, manual adjustment with length compensation,crosscuts to 3500 mm
  • 5.5 kW (7.5 HP) drive rating with three speeds,3/4/5000 rpm., manually adjusted
  • Quick change system for the main saw blade
  • Max. cutting height 200 mm, max. saw blade diameter 550 mm

Sliding Table

The Altendorf sliding table is renowned for ist smooth and exact running. This is hallmark of an Altendorf, and it all comes down to design: the table runs on large dumb bell rollers sandwiched between hard chromed guide bars, guaranteeing absolute precision. The system’s large rollers ensure smooth action, meaning the table takes less effort to move and glides as securely as if it were on rails. This quality running will endure decades of heavy load bearing in the constant presence of dust and chips, and it needs virtually no maintenance. Each time the table moves, the brush fitted to the upper part automatically cleans the round guide bars. The system operates without any lubrication. The table’s hollow multi-chamber aluminium extrusion guarantees optimal torsion resistance and rigidity.

STEG (Optional)

Enlarges support area (width: 400 mm) for wider workpieces.

Rapido Plus (Optional)

This three-axis scoring system offers motorised positioning not only of the vertical and lateral settings, but also of the cutting width. All settings can be activated via the keypad while the machine is running, and are shown on screen. Settings are stored, then called up the next time the machine is switched on. Changing saw blades is quick, easy and safe. The first set of saw blades is supplied with your machine.

On/off switches on sliding table (Optional)

The practical option. The on/off switches are always right where you need them, at the end of the sliding table. The four keys switch both the main and scoring blades on and off. This option allows you to load a large workpiece before switching the machine on, thus improving safety and convenience. The keys can be operated without you having to switch specially between the machine operating panel and the sliding table switches.

Tip Servo Drive (Optional)

Electric servo assisted drive for the sliding table. This unique optional extra is designed to take the strain off the operator’s body, especially the back. The motorised drive of the sliding table makes it supremely easy to move even the heaviest of workpieces back and forward during cutting, while the electronic sensor control handle responds to the slightest touch (max. 1 kp). You can move the sliding table along the entire length of the cut in both directions of travel with full servo support, and you can vary the speed as you wish by varying your hand pressure. The control handle can be positioned anywhere on the sliding table. The result: you can walk upright and fully relaxed during the entire cutting operation. The TIP-SERVO-DRIVE cannot be used in conjunction with the F 45 ELMO IV, on/off switches and vacuum clamping in the sliding table.

Digit L (Optional)

The crosscut-mitre fence with DIGIT L allows 1/10 mm accuracy when setting the stops. The new display, with large 90 mm (diagonal) screen, shows up to three stop settings instantly in easily readable form. The whole system is calibrated in one operation; the stops do not have to be calibrated individually. Power is supplied by high efficiency batteries, which are quickly recharged with the charger provided. DIGIT L can be fitted both to the standard crosscut-mitre fence and the parallelogram cross slide.

Digit L And Digit LD (Optional)

For 1/10 mm accuracy when setting the length dimension. The display shows all stop settings applied. The central measuring and display unit calibrates the entire system in one operation. High-capacity batteries and a charger are included. The DIGIT LD also displays the angle digitally, allowing precise adjustment to +/− 1/100°. The length dimension is calculated automatically as a function of the mitre angle, so test cuts are unnecessary.

Duplex Double Sided Mitre Fence (Optional)

DUPLEX fences make it possible to cut any angle between 0 and 90° very quickly and exactly. At 45°, the mitre can be cut on both sides of the workpiece without having to adjust the fence. The dimensions are set using a magnifying glass, measuring scale and length compensation scale. All varieties of DUPLEX can be positioned anywhere along the length of the sliding table.

Duplex D (Optional)

The DUPLEX D functions in exactly the same way as the standard DUPLEX with the addition of a digital angle display which operates to an accuracy of within 1/100°.

Duplex DD (Optional)

An exclusive Altendorf development, the DUPLEX DD has been patented worldwide. The high precision DUPLEX DD electronics incorporate automatic length compensation and calculate the distance to the stops as a function of the angle on both sides of the fence and display both figures digitally. Checking of measurements, complicated calculations and test cuts are all unnecessary.

Altendorf Parallelogram Cross Slide (Optional)

The quality of the guidance systems guarantees the accuracy of the new parallelogram cross slide. Wear proof needle bearings ensure precision of both linear measurement and angle. The integrated linear guide unit is responsible for the incredible ease of operation of the system, resulting in fast set up times and ergonomic efficiency. Moving the fence from front to back positions requires the simple release of two easily accessible clamping knobs, after which it can be moved without the need to lift it. This precise and ergonomic design results in accuracy, which is both fast to achieve and perfectly reproducible.

Cross Slide Extension (Optional)

Can be pulled out by up to 700 mm. F 45 ELMO IV model is 650 mm and cannot be extended further.

Additional Cross Slide (Optional)

For particularly large workpieces weighing up to 250 kg. The flip stops drop away under the support area of the cross slide.

STEG (Optional)

Enlarges support area (width: 400 mm) for wider workpieces.

Infeed Support Table (Optional)

An additional workpiece support for long narrow workpieces. Positioned in front of the machine table, it can be swung away and lowered.

Manual Quick Action Clamp (Optional)

This is the alternative to the pneumatic clamp. The manual clamp can be easily positioned on the sliding table and is equally easy to fix. The workpiece is then firmly secured on the table and held firmly against the crosscut fence. This provides extra safety at very little extra cost.

Pneumatic Pressure Beam (Optional)

Comes in two pieces, which can be controlled separately. This secures workpieces up to 80 mm thick. It is especially useful for long, thin materials such as veneer.

Palin Fence (Optional)

Long narrow workpieces can be cut parallel or into a conical shape with absolute accuracy using the PALIN fence. As the fence itself is flush with the sliding table in the vertical plane and the workpiece is laid sideways against the stop, there is no reduction in cutting length, and workpieces of differing lengths can be cut without moving the fence up and down the sliding table. With the measuring system removed, the fence acts as an additional workpiece support. Also available in digital form as PALIN D. The photo shows PALIN D with a DIGIT L crosscut-mitre fence.

Laser Cutting Line Marker (Optional)

Shows the cutting line clearly for all cutting lengths, which is useful when trimming or cutting marked jobs, e.g. steps. Saves time and material.

Coolant Spray Device (Optional)

A spray device is recommended for plastics with a low melting point and for certain light metal alloys. Thousands of Altendorf sliding table saws have already been at work for years in the plastics and metal processing industries. An Altendorf wil cut non-ferrous metals and plastics cleanly, with sharp contours, to within a tenth of a millimetre

Extraction Hood

The new extraction hood is technically stateof- the-art and has been praised in all its aspects by independent test bodies, in particular for its optimized airflow. The hood uses linear guidance for easy ver tical adjustment, and can also be swung out of the way of the cutting line from the operator position. Switching between wide and narrow hoods doesn’t involve a complete hood change, just a straightforward switch of the relevant half, which locks and unlocks in one simple click. The new hood will allow cutting heights of up to 200 mm (without scoring unit).