Cefla Finishing

Cefla Finishing Group, is world’s biggest finishing group. Cefla is a world leader in the coating of wood and its derivatives, designs and manufactures finishing lines – painting and finishing – tailored and “turnkey” for the market of wood and is now at the leader in the field of Glass and Plastic. Customers range from famous names in the building and furniture, up to and including the aerospace and automotive segments.Cefla Finishing Group designs and manufactures finishing lines, painting and finishing for wood, glass, plastic, metal, fiber cement industries.

Finishing provides the most complete range of systems for the spray coating of shaped panels and glue application: Different models of Automatic CNC Sprayers, including Easy 2000 up to the most powerful Ibotic, 6-axis electronically controlled machines. The drying process of any type of paint is ensured by a wide range of vertical kilns and in-line hot air, infrared and ultraviolet solutions. Handling systems for every need and supporting software for the management of facilities complete the offerings. Cefla Finishing is also able to provide complete lines for the finishing of wooden surfaces and plastic.Caple is Sales Partner for Cefla Finishing Group, in India.